#4 - Phooey (Enter Anna) - in Chapter 1

Phooey (Enter Anna)

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Author Note


ShaRose49 ShaRose49 said:

Hey! It’s nice to have something to post again <3 Here we meet Anna, Tad’s mother. She is probably the only original character in this story, I think everybody else is already in the show somewhere.

If you’ve seen the show, I’m curious - do you think Tad lived with his mother before coming to Slugterra? I think that’s very likely, I mean, he certainly didn’t learn any gentleness from his father, and while Tad ends up becoming pretty ruthless, he’s very gentle with Pieper I find.
Of course I’m getting ahead of myself, Pieper isn’t quite here yet! Ooooooh I can’t wait!!


I’ve mentioned before that this comic has no schedule and updates randomly and sometimes pretty slowly because A: life stuff and B: I have another comic which takes priority over this one. Still, this comic is also important to me, and slow and steady wins the race eventually!

19th Jan 2021, 11:20 PM


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