Tad is a thoughtful boy who feels like he doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, so he begins to isolate himself from other people to better focus on his studies. One day, he discovers a strange mollusk-like creature being attacked by a cat. He rescues her and finds that she sings beautiful songs like a flute, so he names her Pieper. When Tad shows the creature to his mother, he learns the shocking truth about what Pieper is, where she came from, and who his father really is. Tad vows to make the journey to the world beneath our feet, and to be a better, stronger person than his dad ever was.

(This is a Slugterra fan comic that I’m doing as an experiment. It’s inspired by the Into the Shadows arc, and focuses on young Thaddeus D. Blakk’s perspective and backstory. It will probably be a bit on the shorter side and may update pretty slow with no set schedule, since I have a busy life usually. However, I am very excited to try this!)